Acceptance process and apartment commissioning

If you are buying apartment directly from the development contract, you have to wait for the end in the investment and. the conclusion of corrective works. Investment acceptance process inside most important step prior to deciding to collect secrets to your home. It is worth to get it done professionally, to counteract potential problems. What in the event you know in regards to the acceptance process?

Apartment bought inside primary market requires competent acceptance process. Before the acceptance protocol is signed, new owners ought to be sure, how the developer eliminated all defects. Internet forums are buzzing with a large number of descriptions of unpleasant experiences owners had with developer companies. These owners share information about the acceptance process they were not conscious of, to ensure others study from these mistakes. There can be a amount of handbooks on the to pay attention to through the final acceptance with the apartment, but is perhaps all that enough?


What do you want to understand about the acceptance process?


Commissioning (technical acceptance condition) requires accurate measurements and checking whether theapartment’s area corresponds using what is provided inside the sales agreement. The developer is obliged to the difference, in the event the owner covered a larger space. Arrangement in the apartment, each partition wall, and installation need to meet certain conditions (making it possible for the margin of error).

Some developers practice separate commissioning and final acceptance process. The latter includes the receipt of keys and documenting meters’ readings. It is a wise decision to have the commissioning done in fact the corrective works are completed –  the developer is obliged to pay costs from the apartment maintenance till the owner collects the keys.

During the commissioning we need to check the following:

  • total area and arrangement on the apartment;
  • heating, electric and water systems and installations;
  • plaster: quality, defects, even use of layers;
  • floor levelling;
  • windows: tightness, cracks, squeaking, paint spots;
  • doors: quality and smooth opening;
  • ventilation: draft test;
  • balcony: standard of finishing and tiles placement.


Most important aspects from the commissioning of the shell apartment.


  • Commissioning in conducted to ensure sure the developer met the circumstances provided from the agreement.
  • It should be operating out of on the building permit design.
  • Finishing standard is usually described from the agreement as well as the apartment really should be finished accordingly.
  • Date in the commissioning ought to be agreed on by their owner and also the developer.
  • The developer cannot commission the apartment without worrying about presence from the owner.
  • In case of any, the slightest, defect, the master should not sign the acceptance protocol.
  • He may plan to perform the corrective creates his own, after negotiating the apartment’s price reduction.
  • The more details included inside the protocol, the greater.
  • If you can find any defects discovered as soon as the acceptance process, the master may demand their repair within the statutory warranty claim.

Have a professional on your side

The most crucial issue is how to purchase a person, which will lead the commissioning and acceptance process flawlessly. It is a difficult thing to do in your own, if you aren’t an expert within the subject and don’t understand the procedures. Sometimes, new owners ask a member of family for help, but finding a professional, external company which focuses on commissions and technical acceptance of the apartment processes is the greatest you can do.

This huge investment with the apartment purchase, ought to be conducted property till the very end. It is worth to entrust system and installation tests, plus the protocol preparation to experts. This is the best to ensure the proper check of one’s new apartment’s condition.

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