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You could be forgiven for in the event that the best place to get iPod and iPhone accessories will be the Apple Store. After all, Apple spends a terrific amount of money on marketing to be sure that you buy everything through their stores. The Apple Store has never one, but two Achilles heels, though. First of all, they don’t really carry accessories for other manufacturer’s products, it’s strictly single trick pony; so if you are looking for any new case on your iPod as well as LG cellphone covers, you are likely to have to look some place else. A spare recharger for the Blackberry? Not very likely, Don’t even think about looking for Samsung cellular telephone covers a single of those fancy glass shops or the online store. Apple’s other weakness is pricing. Because its company is essentially captive (or perhaps many of them represent though they’re), the Apple Store seldom offers sale pricing.

We recently compared the offerings and prices for the range of Apple product accessories with the Apple store and another popular web retailer. First, we shopped for arm band cases for that iPod Touch, always a common accessory for joggers. At Apple, they start at $29.95, though the alternate retailer features a similar model discounted for under 24 bucks. We thought it could be interesting to select a common accessory with the newest iPod Nano and chosen the Apple Dock Connector USB Cable, the part that iPod users manage to lose most regularly. The Apple Store currently lists this at $19, which seemed reasonable until we checked another site and located they were providing the OEM Apple cable cheaper than ten dollars. Finally we considered iPod Mini accessories, but that wasn’t an affordable comparison as the Apple Store doesn’t stock any. Ironic, it’s really? And it is evident that searching for anything else, like HTC replacement batteries or LG cellular phone covers might be a short and unsuccessful holiday to the Apple Store.

One very last thing to consider: while other web retailers offer free freight on orders over $40, at Apple’s website you ought to spend $50 or you can be paying for shipping costs.

The final point here is that there are web retailers that provide accessories for the wide array of products, including, however, not limited to, Apple’s popular iPhones, iPods and MacBooks, in addition to products for just a numerous cellular telephone and cell phone producers. Samsung cellphone covers, Bluetooth headsets appropriate for many phones, memory cards, screen protectors, laptop cases, LG mobile phone covers and Blackberry chargers, all within a place as well as competitive pricing. They also carry the modern accessories for iPhone 4 for example the special designs to rock from the Apple iPhone 4. So don’t overspend on Apple products with there being better options on the market!

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Incurring expenses is truly the focus of countless business owners. Generally as it’s the easiest and quite a few visible thing to consider. However, tinnitus for controlling costs. The first one is to check out how you manage the flow of greenbacks overall. By this I mean your budgets.

I would like to reiterate that when you spend time upfront defining your budgets, then its a lot easier to control the costs that happen to be incurred about the track. It also lets you then delegate the treatments for this process on the bookkeeper or financial controller.

One of the very most effective strategies to control costs is upon having your budget defined, should be to then implement something where you ONLY pay invoices on purchase orders. This will stop employees ordering willy nilly in the tracks. Because as soon when you issue the edict to staff, you are making sure that the accounts people ONLY pay the place where a purchase order is quoted.

For staff to shell out money, which means that they have to request an investment order in the accounts person. They would then look into the budget to make certain the amount is allocated, and this the person ordering items is authorized to generate the order. If the fact is yes to these two, then a accounts person would issue an acquisition order which those ordering goods when then quote.

So once the invoice is received from the accounts person, they can then check that the items have been delivered and this there is no outstanding issues to settle. They would then make a cheque or online transaction for payment.

If there’s no purchase order assigned, then they’d refer it back to your supplier and/or employees member who ordered the products to resolve. I suggest being tough here – whether it is not assigned, then you certainly don’t pay. It’s then up on the employee to stay the account – well essentially you almost certainly would, however when there’s a perceived consequence, it usually puts worries of god into them! They usually don’t spend your cash again from then on scare!

One in the areas that most business people are usually fairly happy with is controlling costs. But let’s just go on the basics again. As a small business owner, you ought to set an integral performance indicator on your financial controller to become responsible for affordability. This means continually seeking different and innovative strategies to control costs as an easy way of impacting your small business’ profitability. A dollar saved as being a cost, goes straight to bottom line profitability. Some businesses see that by implementing tight cost controls and questioning the necessity for all spending has achieved a similar profitability improvement that could otherwise have gotten to come from the substantial boost in sales.

Now I’m going to briefly experience a checklist that’s available in the ‘Essential Financial Management Templates’ workbook which you’ll want to purchase from our website.

The first rule of thumb should be to shop around. No matter who I’m working with, should it be a good friend or colleague that’s supplying the service, I always compare it against two other quotes. Now, I usually don’t go straight for your cheapest option, nonetheless it does let me then go back for the original person and also have an open and honest discussion about reducing the initial cost. I always think about comment one NASA astronaut once made when being inquired about his feelings about finding yourself in space using a new space shuttle to the first time. His reply was, “how might you feel if you were gonna fly in craft numerous mils into space, where your shuttle safety factors are completely dependent on our governments policy of sourcing the least expensive part possible.” Point well taken. It’s not always about going with the cheapest option, however it is about making sure that you’re getting value.

Another point should be to always review costs upon an ongoing basis. I would suggest monthly – lets not hold off until the end with the year or when we’re in strife, we must always be focused on making certain that we’re getting affordable at all times. When you are under-going your reports with the financial controller, use this being a time to check out your costs and compare them in your budgets.

Also be without doubt you’re conscious of what’s happening inside the market place. Is there a new player who are able to provide competitive prices, or possibly there a web based option open to you. Perhaps even a worldwide possibility that you should explore. I’ll provde the example of a site. I had a buddy who rung me to inquire about my opinion in regards to quote she had received on building an online site. The quote was for $10,000. I referred her to an online site called that has a universal online bidding community. She placed a project brief for a person to build her an internet site and finished up getting one designed for $1400. She was delighted with all the quality and the final result – the sole thing she did say was she had to waste more time contacting them (because they were overseas) but she was willing to do that to avoid wasting herself $8,600!

Are there areas within your expense items which can be being deregulated or additional players getting into the market. For example, electricity or gas providers, telephone providers, etc. You may be able to avoid wasting money by consolidating accounts on the mobile phone bills. There may also be telco companies that actually supply a free assessment intend to see where they could save costs available for you – make use of them!

And while we’re on electricity costs, have you ever conducted a power audit as part of your business to ensure you’re not needlessly wasting money? For example, some energy reduction strategies could include turning off lights in offices which are not being employed, or turning off of the air condi8tioning system, photocopiers, printers and computers for the end from the day. Is there the possibility to use electricity in “off peak” periods. Put timers on plant and equipment and place signs around your online business reminding individuals to turnoff the lights and to avoid wasting energy.

One with the biggest expense products in a business might be stationery. A lot of companies won’t pay a $10 delivery charge for their business, however they will send a business office person to post the stationery, at $25-30 one hour, plus allowed them to purchase “whatever they need”. Have you ever tried to never buy an impulse item at the stationery store? It’s impossible – take it from somebody that knows! Look also in the purchases that happen to be being produced in small quantities – can money be saved by collecting in bulk – specially in printing. Make sure one person merely has the responsibility of purchasing stationery and ordering printing to ensure its not open slather of everyone inside business and they will also make certain the items have been required.

Do there is a travel policy with your business? If so, it will clearly outline the course of airline travel, grade of hotel accommodation and what expenses could be incurred and reimbursed. There are numerous accommodation site now available days that enable last minute bookings in a greatly reduced cost – have a check out to find out what I mean. Using this site shows that you can certainly book staff into upscale accommodation at 3 star prices.

Also consider bank interest, fees and charges – these really should be checked regularly as banks often get some things wrong in charging fees and interest. You should also conserve a record to mortgage rates and margins quoted by banks and check around for the best rates.

Vehicle allowances can also be another region of costs that may rack up pretty quickly when employees cotton to your fact that they will receive a nice little earner with all the ATO vehicle allowance figures. If you have people employing their vehicles a whole lot, you may desire to consider whether you pay for or use a pool car. Often the amount of greenbacks that you can spend paying vehicle allowances can certainly pay off a firm car – therefore building your assets at a similar time. Another approach to hand this is always to offer to afford all petrol costs instead. So everything a worker fills up, they merely need to hand you the receipt plus they’ll be reimbursed entirely. This still accumulates cheaper than paying a car allowance – which is easier to budget for within your profit and loss projections.

Another approach to further streamline this technique can be to have fuel cards that link in a single account that you just pay month after month.

Always establish the boundaries for expense reimbursements with your business. Incorporate this into the induction program with your business to ensure that everyone is extremely clear in the expectations. This is particularly relevant if you have an enterprise development individual who wants to offer an “entertaining” budget. I usually empower people normally made available by providing them a profitability target on sales made – which incorporates such things as their entertainment budget. But more reguarily, I’ll act6ually sit using them and run through strategies to provide clients with value, without expenses “wining and dining” experiences. In fact, within my IT days, where everyone other than me a corporate plastic card for “smoozing”. I was better with my sales because I would take people for any coffee.

Advertising is the one other area where businesses can incur many charges. I’ve covered off on advertising in another CD inside the Jump Start Your Business Series, but one thing I desire to mention we have found taking care with “bogus” invoices for advertising and checking that each one invoices are in reality for valid advertising. Now if you have a purchase order order system or maybe a centralized purchasing process, you then won’t get caught out for this one. But a few years ago there was a gimmick where everyone was receiving invoices for “advertising” after which pressuring the accounts payable staff to repay them. A nice little earner made from your lack of internal systems in 99% of companies.

I would like to finish by dealing with overcharging and also the need to check invoices against contracts or agreements. This includes rental agreements, any supplier invoices, etc. If in doubt, do not be shy of asking the supplier to supply more details or query any inconsistencies. Errors may be made in most cases suppliers can be extremely apologetic should a discrepancy be found.

Despite your easiest planning, it will have cases when you should have entry to some petty cash – that’s small amounts of cash for purchases which might be fairly minor and random.