The 500 in 15 Live is a course designed specifically for the brand new Internet Marketer by Alex Malave. This domain was registered on July 13th 2009. His attempt with this video course he released is to teach people the common thread to online business and what all successful Internet Marketing and Entrepreneurs have in common. He believes that every successful Internet Marketer has their own product, a page that converts and lots of traffic.

The objective of 500 in 15 Live is to teach you these dynamics via video is the simplest way possible. He proved in his video via Google Analytics that he was able to generate over 12,000 visitors per month to just one of his websites. This is the first video I’ve ever watched that had a long list of criteria weeding out people that weren’t suited to become involved with Alex Malave’s program.

For example, if you have a list, website, can drive lots of traffic, like to reinvent the wheel or are in debt from purchasing lots of other IM products and are looking for a quick way out, he recommends you don’t purchase his course. He recommends going through the courses you already bought, applying those principles and start seeing results so you won’t end up suffering from Analysis Psoralysis.

His goal is to teach you how to have your first website up within 10 minutes with 500 In 15 Live. He believes a website is required in order to have any chance of success online. He’s also passionate about pointing out that once you learn the skills in this course, you will have a skill that will last you the rest of your life all by yourself by putting up a WordPress Blog.

Alex also believes that if you can drive targeted traffic to a webpage, that you will always be able to make sales online no matter how crappy your offer is. Lets say for example you drive 1000 visitors per month to a sales letter that converts at just 1% on a product you get paid $100.00 for. That’s an extra grand per month in your bank account.

He straight up says his plan is fail proof and newbie style, and that his videos will walk you through each step of the process, he was very clear on this too. He emphasizes the importance of following these steps closely when you are new. Being creative is not what this course is all about. It’s about following predefined simple action steps.

Alex Malave mentions that you can implement the steps in these videos inside of 20 minutes per day. He also mentions that there is software that will do all of the work for you instead of you doing it all yourself. You are really leveraging your time with the software so it’s no problem doing this if you are a full time student or work and support a family. You can get started with this system for $10.00 per month.

One of the other benefits of his program is he’s already done the niche research for you, so this course includes your own product and converting sales letter so you don’t have to worry about choosing your own niche market to get started in. His cost for getting started is only $10.00, and his current guarantee as of the time of this writing is that if you don’t get your first sale within 10 days he will paypal you $10.00, which is double what you spent with him.

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