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One of the few consistent messages that emerged from Mark Zuckerberg`s interrogation by the U.S. Senate was the moving desire that Facebook`s user agreement be understandable to the man. Or, as Republican Senator John Kennedy of Louisiana said: “Here`s what everyone`s trying to say today – and I say it softly – your user agreement sucks. The purpose of a user agreement is to cover Facebook`s posterior and not inform users of their rights.┬áSeveral U.S. lawmakers criticized aspects of a possible agreement between the FTC and Facebook that would strengthen oversight of privacy policies and practices on Facebook`s board of directors and force social media companies to be more aggressive in monitoring third-party app developers. With Zuckerberg`s staff currently overloaded, the Observer is proud to announce that it has developed a new man-made user agreement that pays tribute to Zuckerberg`s new commitment to “transparency.” This is it. WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Social media giant Facebook Inc is moving into an agreement with the U.S. government over its privacy policies and practices that it would put under 20 years of oversight, a source familiar with the discussions said. The agreement would determine whether the company violated a similar approval pact reached in 2011. A: Whether Facebook uses or sells your images is just the beginning of the problem. There are countless other data protection issues.

There are also some very important commercial and legal concerns for photographers to take into account. Imagine, for example, that a customer comes to see you in a few months and wants to get an image of you for exclusive commercial use. If this image is posted on Facebook, you could not offer exclusivity to this customer, because Facebook`s license on this image would be a conflict. If you put this agreement in place, you could violate one or the other contract. No one likes to read terms of use and agreements, but at a time when our identities are being marketed and exploited, it`s more important than ever to understand what you`re suitable for using these services. These terms of use are unlimited, vague and extensive. Please take the time to read them or contact us with questions In the wake of Mark Zuckerberg`s “grilling” by Congress, here`s a new user agreement that painfully clears what the social network is doing The FTC has looked at allegations that Facebook has shared inappropriate information from 87 million users with the British political consulting firm Cambridge Analytica, which no longer exists.

The investigation focused on whether data exchange and other litigation was contrary to the 2011 approval agreement. If you explain this to a 13-year-old, you will notice that the deal is commercial: the more you and billions of others are connected to Facebook, the more money Facebook makes by selling your personal data and the more powerful it becomes. Too much power, concentrated everywhere – politics, economics, philanthropy – often ends badly. “I guess most people don`t read all of this,” Zuckerberg replied. “But everyone has the opportunity to do so and agrees with it.” Senator Kennedy was not impressed.