Startup Consultant Agreement

Your departure documents are pending. Is the list of angels current or incualized? Are these angels reacting? Mukund will really help startups before you invest in them. Very good complication of documents. Thank you Mukund for disclosing these documents. Enjoy your efforts to build the startup ecosystem here. Different states also have their own criteria. You should check the status of your start-up, as well as all the states where you hire staff to see what their criteria are. Everyone has a proposal from the Founders Agreement or Share Holders Agreement, which talks about or regulates the distribution of the action between the promoters and the common clauses, please? We are an Indian startup from Bangalore. Please share it would really help us. Paid interns are a kind of staff. To hire a paid intern, a start-up should use a letter of offer and a CIIA agreement, as with any other employee. Mukund is just another great example of real help for startups.

Thank you! It is essential that each consultant signs an agreement confirming that he or she protects all confidential information he has received as part of his commitment, both during and after the commitment, and that all work and inventions produced during the work for the company in relation to the company belong to the company and not to the contractor. When startups hire staff, they usually sign offers to employees. When startups hire consultants, they usually enter into consulting contracts (or independent contractors) with consultants. Thank you, Mukund. This is useful 🙂 Btw, do you also have a template for “Mentor Agreement”? I can see the consultant agreement in this list, but I have heard that there is a difference between consultants and mentors. Let me know. Hello Mukund, thanks for the list of all documents related to the startup… But in fact, I have a concept in my mind and this concept is approved by a company and they are willing to make investments.

That`s why I need a contract model for start-up activities with promotion agencies. Can you help me? Thank you very much for sharing useful documents/resources. Please provide ESOP agreements specifically for Indian companies or you can provide all the necessary agreement templates specifically for Indian startups. The employees you hire for your job in your start-up are either employees or independent contractors (often called consultants by startups). Good morning to all of you. great work, especially for new startups… I have seen many of these documents and they are good in substance, but always think about having them dealt with according to your specific requirement to avoid further litigation.