Testament unverheiratet mit kind muster

An abducted child is every parent’s most horrid nightmare and each and every detective’s most silent cringe. According to a written report released because of the State of Washington’s Attorney General’s Office (SWAG) in May of 1997 they found out that the probabilities of recovering an abducted child alive will grow grimmer as being the hours pass. In “74% with the case the victims were found dead with in three hours after their abduction”(1). Hence, there isn’t a time to waste working on the wrong suspects.

There are two thought provoking findings revealed within the SWAG’s study that suggests, on the astrologically minded, that probably the art and science of Astrology (the study on the planets on human behavior), could produce an immediate way of identifying a kid’s abductor when it the principals of Astrology are explored in more detail.

The two findings within the SWAG study (which resulted on the particulars that surrounded 600 child homicide cases from 44 states) that pushed attention to the site Astrology were that “in 60% with the cases the abductors were found for being white males, unmarried. It is astrological principal how the zodiacal sign placement from the Sun (that is considered to possess masculine properties) will at ones birth, describe the males that may play important roles because person’s life; whether once and for all or evil. This includes children’s abductor; which again, the SWAG’s study found, is likely to get male (1).

The other finding inside SWAG’s study was that, “in 53% in the cases, your children and their abductor were strangers” (1). It can be figured on the balance on the 53% of kids who were abducted by strangers, the other 47% in the children within their study knew their abductors. It can then be furthered assumed in the figures presented that the likelihood of a new abducted child, knowing you aren’t knowing their abductor, is practically equal. With this in mind, it leads on the assumption that police officers could certainly employ a means that may help them immediately direct their give attention to a known or unknown abductor—especially when time is on the essence.

Astrology might find its merit in abducted children cases when it was applied towards the same cases that encompassed the SWAG’s study. By applying the caliber of each zodiac sign in the birth of each and every abducted child inside their study and cross-matching the zodiac sign with all the fact of perhaps the child knew or didn’t know their abductor; Perhaps, a discernable pattern will exist along with the result in turn is usually a predictive tool for being used in the future cases of abduction. Police could better direct their focus when canvassing neighborhoods.

The SWAG’s study was conducted in cooperation with, and on the request of, the U.S. Justice Department. The project, which took three-years to try and do, was motivated with the desire to learn to investigate abduction type crimes against children. The study learned that since there are only 100 child abduction murders within the United States every year, the “infrequency” of these occurrence doesn’t accommodate any skills for being learned and applied when investigating these crimes (1). The overall breath in the report suggests that from the past the authorities didn’t realize how to handle cases of abducted children. Although their study did make great breakthroughs they still do not have the ability and methods to quickly ascertain whether a young child knows or doesn’t know their abductor when a fresh case arises. When no public eye witnessing exists, they may be able to get more info if they take an astrological view in the Sun.

The word Astrology is derived from your Greek words, astra, a star, and logos, logic or reason. It literally implies the doctrine and law as shown from the stars or planets. The twelve signs with the zodiac belt from the 360 degree band of space containing the orbit on the planets. The planets of their orbit round the Sun transverse the twelve signs in the zodiac belt. Each from the twelve astrology signs (Aries through Pisces) possesses a specific quality their own.

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