Harald Seiz: Visions and the future of money

The founder and CEO of Karatbars International, Mr.H Seiz, started his finance profession in the 1980s, working in the real-estate and insurance industries. He later became an independent financial consultant, building businesses worth millions of euros. He firmly believes in the significance of precious metals as a solution to the inflation of the current fiat currencies, which led him to establish Karatbars International that helps investors gain access to assets and preserve as well as enhance their wealth.

In his book “The Future of Money” he provides exciting awareness into our financial system. He explains how the modern world is transforming fiat currencies. His theory is that the society will start moving more away from the fiat currencies and more into the cryptocurrencies. He believes that cryptocurrency as a means of exchange is more practical, logical and will be the universal currency in the coming years.
This is where his idea to combine the modern cryptocurrency with the classic gold was born, and Karatbars International believes in this as well. Mr. Saiz went ahead to develop a cryptocurrency that is secure and has a physical equivalent in gold, the Karatgold Coin (KBC).

Karatgold Coin was launched in March 2018 and is believed to be the currency of the future. It is generally less volatile than other cryptocurrencies because its value is tied to gold. As the price of gold moves, so does the price of this currency. It is affected by external influences such as the government or even the general public.
In the book, Mr. Seiz notes that many investors measure their wealth in cash, which has the disadvantage of losing value by inflation. Though a certain amount of inflation is not harmful to the economy, it can devastate the net worth of individuals. However gold’s value remains stable, it acts as a natural inflation hedge. As fiat currency inflates, gold becomes worth more of that currency. Mr. Seiz emphasizes a small investor who owns some Karatgold Coins has the same potential as an investor who has larger sums of money. This implies gold can help investors obtain the financial security everybody needs.
For more on the book “the future of money” visit Harald Seiz

Adverse Selection and Moral Hazard

How do firms mitigate adverse selection and moral hazard derivative of asymmetric information? How do hidden characteristics or profiles exacerbate adverse selection? How do hidden actions and material modifications in behavior exacerbate moral hazard? The answers to these strategic questions are necessary to effective formulation and execution of optimal adverse selection and moral hazard mitigation strategies that equate marginal costs to marginal benefits. Additionally, optimal mitigation strategy minimizes the known probability and incidence of decision failures using the attendant adverse reactions and maximizes the net income producing capacity with the enterprise.

In this review, we examine some pertinent and extant academic literature on effective adverse selection and moral hazard optimal mitigation strategies. Each mitigation strategy has costs and benefits. Therefore, the goal function would be to maximize the net benefit for mitigation strategies. In practice, the best risk mitigation strategy equates marginal costs to marginal benefits by minimizing the incidence of side effects derivative of decision failures and maximizing the net income producing capacity with the enterprise.

Adverse selection and moral hazard are terms utilized in risk management, managerial economic and policy sciences to characterize situations where one party with a market transaction is in a disadvantage as a result of asymmetric information. In market transactions, adverse selection is the place there is a not enough symmetric information before agreements between sellers and buyers, while moral hazard develops when there is asymmetric information involving the two parties and material alterations in behavior of merely one party after agreements are already concluded.

For example, adverse selection arises in every situation where one party to your contract or negotiation, possesses material information strongly related the contract or negotiation which the other party lacks; this asymmetric material information leads the party lacking relevant and material information to generate decisions that creates it to suffer side effects. Therefore, adverse selection is the place one party makes decisions without the many relevant material information, which changes the health risks allocation involving the parties towards the transactions.

When one party has access to better or material relevant information compared to the other party after a transaction, it is stated that one has asymmetric information. Therefore, every time a party has asymmetric information, they could make a poor selection. Adverse selection arises if your actual risk is substantially higher compared to risk known at that time the agreement was reached. One party suffers side effects by accepting terms or receiving prices that will not accurately reflect actual risk exposure. The consequences of asymmetric information might be exacerbated by bounded rationality and cognitive biases attendant to many competitive usage of information. Conversely, moral hazard takes place when a party conceals or misrepresents material relevant information and changes behavior following the agreement is concluded and is also shielded on the consequences in the risks emanating from material alternation in behavior.

Economic and policy sciences suggest your choice makers mustn’t only know, but indeed, understand and anticipate consequences of asymmetric information to mitigate risks of adverse reactions attendant to adverse selection and moral hazard. There are classic examples from academia and insurance industry.

Non-selective academic programs attract a disproportionate volume of students whose previous academic background and profile get them to higher risk for academic success, retention, graduation, and. Indeed, that is a classic case of uncomfortable side effects derivative of adverse selection and moral hazard.

For example, non-selective admission process combines recruitment and selection which ends up in adverse selection. And once admitted, refusal to wait classes, refusal to accomplish assignments, refusal to look at notes in classes, critical listening, disruptive and inattentive conduct in is instances of post-enrollment moral hazard that will make non-selective students a the upper chances for retention, graduation and. Please note, it’s not at all the alternation in behavior per se that triggers moral hazard in cases like this. It is the discounted consequences from changed behavior that provides rise to moral hazard.

There is gathering evidence that many of these non-selective academic programs are increasingly able to accept higher risks derivative of adverse selection and moral hazard as their operating funds are enrollment driven. Therefore, inside the short-run enrollment is often a more pressing need than retention, graduation and site rates. The focus on enrollment is important but short-sighted and misguided because used, these benchmarks and indices are interrelated, circular and cumulative.

In the insurer industry, insured healthy females in childbirth age and healthy middle-aged females who subsequently seek creative methods for getting pregnant present adverse selection and moral hazard problems. Further, insurance applicants whose actual risks are substantially higher than the potential risks known by the insurance plan company are potentially interesting case studies. The insurance provider suffers uncomfortable side effects by offering coverage at premiums that don’t accurately reflect its actual risks exposure.

Risks Mitigation Strategies and Some Practical Guidance

Please talk to competent professional for specific advice. The following are general guidelines determined by review of extant academic literature, cumulative professional practice and finest industry practices. In sum, adverse selection and moral hazard derivative of asymmetric information expose parties to transactions to undue levels of higher risks that they are not adequately and appropriately compensated. Therefore, it is necessary for parties to take all of the steps possible to mitigate risks of adverse reactions derivative of asymmetric information along with the attendant decision failures.

Managerial economic principles and industry practices suggest screening and sorting to mitigate adverse selection, and incentive contracts to mitigate moral hazard. Additionally, strategic intelligence systems (SIS) that supply relevant, accurate and timely identification and quantification of risk factors is strongly recommended.

In risk management, the by using aggregate limits of liability and policy riders that proscribe post-contract material unilateral actions, and caps aggregate financial risks to parties is strongly recommended. Further, dispositive disclosure, discovery, monitoring, random inspection, and verification are strongly recommended.

Finally, because adverse selection derives from hidden characteristics and profiles and moral hazard derives from hidden actions, your decision systems and strategic intelligence systems need to be transparent and offer relevant, accurate and timely information to facilitate decisions according to known possibility of risks incidence and allocation involving the parties to your transactions with due and appropriate compensation.

Learn How To Accurately Predict The Stock Market

It is tricky to predict wall street game performance and involves a great amount of risk. An accurate prediction you could end up a significant amount of profit. The currency markets is affected by a number of factors:

News, both domestic and international
Government reports
Natural disasters

The currency markets is constantly evolving also it regularly generates a lot of data regarding bids, buys and puts. Data scientists discovered out that using Big Data mining techniques and machine learning strategies, the movements within the markets may be predicted inside of seconds. Earlier, experts familiar with employ various solutions to try to predict the stock trading game; however, with all the advent of deep learning and data science, these predictions are quicker plus more accurate than any other time. This significantly boosts the profits of businesses and investors alike.

What are Stock Prediction Systems?

Stock prediction systems are programs which use algorithms to predict future trends in the stock exchange. The algorithms employed in stock prediction systems were originally useful for scientific research in fields for example genetics, astronomy and quantum physics.

However, scientists soon found out that these algorithms could be applied to stock markets since the field produces huge amounts of data and follows some kind of pattern.

The most frequently used techniques in wall street game prediction include genetic algorithms (GA) and artificial neural networks (ANNs).

The using ANN strategies to stock prediction has been seen to be widely successful. The ANNs predict future lows by analyzing affordable and time lags, whilst the future highs are predicted using lagged highs. These predictions are then utilized to determine stop prices for choosing and selling.

Benefits of utilizing a Stock Prediction System

Predicting wall street game performance is challenging and risky. There are many factors to get considered – physical factors, psychological and behavioral factors. These aspects make share prices unstable and challenging to predict accurately. However, using the use of algorithms and data science, there was improvement within the predictions. The following are a few of the benefits utilizing stock prediction systems:

Using ANN systems, which employ a classification approach instead of a traditional quantitative output approach, generates a better predictive reliability.
Certain sorts of data that may earlier not collected or processed, like unstructured text data, might be used for making predictions that the help of algorithms. This unstructured text data is the term for news reports or public sentiment. Use of Big Data techniques can help you keep track of values, opinions and behavioral patterns of individuals while making predictions; consequently the predictions will not be based solely on technical or numerical data.
Algorithms aid in speedily processing huge amounts of data which is perishable. In the stock exchange, conditions are constantly and changing rapidly. This means that so as to predict future events inside the market, an honest and quick strategy is needed. Algorithms provide this benefit. Algorithms could use pre-processed data, reducing data safe-keeping and quickly moving the calculations.

A Giveaway Site with Lots of Contests

I have always been the type to enter any kind of giveaways that I can find. I know that other people feel that it is a longshot, and they would be right. However, someone has to win, so why not better my odds by entering a giveaway that I am interested in? If I am in a store and they have a giveaway, I will sign up right there on the spot. I have actually won several nice things because I took a free minute of my time and filled out an entry form, which is why I was really excited when I found a website that is dedicated to all kinds of giveaways.

I had found it quite by accident because I had never thought to actually look online to see if there was a site like this. I was done an online search and found where I could win a thousand bucks on a gift card of my choice, so I clicked on the link.

Belly of the Beast

Sometimes, decisions are manufactured by committee—groan!—and which means a lot more leg be employed by a Solopreneur consultant who’s looking to get a project or even a sales professional wanting to bring in a purchase order. When you must conquer several all of the employees, you might never know whose opinion really controls the sale (even though you can ask). All you can do is prepare by anticipating the type of information which the point an affiliate each department may well appreciate and ensuring that you deliver it.


When the Finance Department results in buying decisions, realize that tangible and intangible value received in substitution for dollars invested could be the primary concern. Therefore, present your products or services in language that communicates the expected ROI from the purchase, on the short and long-term, and indicate perhaps the organization preserves or generate income when the services or products is introduced. A case study for example the financial impact that your products or services has had for a comparable organization (with regards to operating revenue or kind of business, by way of example) are going to be greatly appreciated. If Finance doesn’t have confidence inside the price or ROI products you’re selling, be prepared to make pricing concessions or C-Suite execs will decline the project or sale.


If your products or services will require online tech support, this decision contributor would want to be assured that its set-up and maintenance will likely be easy and works with systems currently utilized. Provide the team with information about how to integrate the IT requirements of your merchandise with the existing technical infrastructure and software.

Reliability is the one other IT concern plus the fear of system crashes lies slightly below the surface. Present data to demonstrate which the IT aspect with the purchase are going to be dependable and low-maintenance. You might schedule a show-and-tell to illustrate the system is user-friendly, thereby minimizing staff training time or frustration from the end-users.


As you may expect, C-Suite executives, including department heads, will be the most important coming from all those with input in the decision-making process simply because they have the ability to green-light your proposal or kill it outright. When selling on the higher-ups, it is advisable to learn which factors matter most and whose opinions will hold the most sway on his or her decision (the end-users). If the end-users clue you to the hot button issues, then discuss them whilst keeping your message basic and clear.

Emphasizing high-level value, because the executives define it, may well be a useful guideline. A case study that creates you and your merchandise look particularly brilliant, especially regarding one of the most pressing issues, has to be good selling tool. Be aware that C-Suite execs tend to be too busy to process an intricate sales narrative. Think of soundbites that communicate impactful and tangible benefits.

End users

These affiliates will use your merchandise most often. Their opinion has a great deal of weight along with their approval of your products or services is a priority on the C-Suite. Key selling points because of this team revolve around the functionality, practicality, simplicity of use and time-saving potential of your products or services. Seek feedback using this team about what they consider essentially the most relevant product or service benefits and as well, how you would possibly best advertise your sale for the other decision-makers. You may be capable to convince this team from the benefits of certain add-ons and upgrades, that will enhance the two user experience as well as the amount from the sale or billable hours.

Take time to show and ensure that your items will reliably meet or exceed the expectations on the end-users if it does not, this would be the team certain to express concerns which will damage your credibility plus the potential for future business and referrals. Your in-house advocate will likely be found in this department (make an effort to cultivate a team member using a title that signals authority). If you cannot convince the correct person to breakthrough and undertake the role of champion, after that your sale or contract will likely suffer diminished prospects for approval because of the ultimate judges from the C-Suite.

Way To Profits

Pricing your product or service and services can be a critical part of a well-conceived marketing plan and appropriate cost is integral on the development of an effective business venture. The burgeoning field of behavioral economics reveals why certain pricing tactics work and the way you can incorporate some of those into your pricing strategy.

Have an anchor baby

Your “anchor baby” could lead to a positive outcome for sales and billable hours. A cognitive bias called anchoring might cause us to perceive the expense of an item as reasonable only when it’s viewed after we’ve seen a higher-priced version of an similar item. In other words, a $2000 item could possibly be perceived as a distant relative bargain after you’ve seen much the same version coming in at $5000 along with a prospect could possibly be moved to envision him/herself purchasing that $2000 item.

Placing premium-priced product or service in proximity to similar, lower-priced, offerings which you hope to sell could lead potential customers to perceive the lower-priced items as providing real value, after they know that functionally similar items may be more costly.

Zeros kill sales

In retail sales, it truly is standard practice for merchants chatting prices that lead to.99,.98, or.95, but never.00. The reasoning behind that quirky little tactic is the fact that prices ending in zeros will often be perceived by customers being comparatively expensive, as outlined by a 2003 study that appeared within the Journal of Quantitative Marketing and Economics. According to your study, most buyers believe $5.99 is substantively less expensive than $6.00.

A 2011 study conducted because of the Society for Consumer Psychology implies that when pricing B2B services for the client proposal, it really is best to avoid listing a cost as $3000.00, and even $2995.00, one example is, because lots of zeros will be included. Prospective clients apparently will feel at ease your price if it is expressed as $2995.

Be a Lexus and not simply a Toyota

A Vanderbilt University study established that customers are prepared to pay more for just a Budweiser beer in the fancy hotel bar compared to they would to the same Budweiser within a dive bar. Why? University of Chicago economist Richard Thaler explains that this power of perceived prestige allows the luxurious set to find away out with charging higher prices.

According compared to that line of reasoning, Solopreneur consultants (much more classy and deserving over a mere Freelancer, no?) are encouraged to in various ways present cues that produce the case for charging premium prices that enhance profits. Let the value you bring be able to those who matter. Teaching in the college level, speaking at respected business associations, producing long-form content that appears in noteworthy print or online publications, or publishing a newsletter or blog that draws several thousand subscribers will showcase you being a thought leader with an authority and let you to reflect that expertise in your charges.

How to boost prices

Weber’s Law (1834) signifies that your clients is likely to accept a 10% price boost in products or services bought in you and some would possibly not notice the change. You already realize that several factors may affect your ability to improve prices, such as urgency on the client’s requirement of your product or service, a good competitors plus the perception of the brand value.

Resume Writing

Having an incredible resume would be the first step to landing that ideal job. Resume writing would be the most stressful portion of the job search. But it really is also an effective way to share your experience and qualifications. The purpose of your resume would be to create enough interest the employer may wish to see you for just a more in-depth in person interview. Those resumes receiving the most attention are structured while using following components:

Value Proposition Statement

This section should state for the employer the immediate value you’ll bring to their organization. If you might be a business development professional with successful experience dealing with companies inside medical industry you have to have this placed in this section. An example of the statement could be “an experienced business development professional with established existing relationships constantly in place with key regional medical equipment companies. These established relationships lets me to realize immediate access to key decision makers early inside the sales cycle”. The value proposition statement allows the employer to visualize you within this position in addition to being an immediate cause of their organization.

Keywords In Resume Writing

Effective resume writing carried out in a way that means that you can stand out from the bunch. One of the most efficient ways to do this would be to make sure you make use of the appropriate keyword (s) for the position posting. So we are aware that most companies are applying parsing software in reviewing resumes. This software was designed to filter for keywords in the resumes they receive. This software will be through resumes because of these keywords.

So basically keywords are the types words that easily describes the location you are getting. In the example above the positioning is business development professional. So what words immediately springs to mind with this position? Correct, business development. Therefore you may want the keywords being the words business development. To educate your story you should employ these keywords in a very natural story telling manner.

Highlight Your Experience

Many professionals possess a wealth of valuable relevant experience to share with you. The key is the amount of of this experience when you share in your resume? Resumes are parsed of course, if selected will likely be reviewed from the employer around 20 seconds or less. In resume writing it can be totally acceptable to make a 2-3 page resume if you might be applying for an executive level position. All other positions 1-2 pages are typical. Remember most employers know which the average job seeker has three plus jobs inside their career. The length of the resume isn’t as important as the utilization of keywords and highlighting your relevant experience and qualifications. The only experience it is best to highlight are the type experiences that apply towards the job. As mentioned above you must naturally educate story using keyword and relevant job experience.

Having a terrific resume is readily accomplished as well as doesn’t require fancy words, design or layout. There are many free resume writing templates on-line that can help you with layout etc. Because this document can be so important in getting you much better your new job we encourage one to devote the required time to understand it properly. Most importantly before you send your resume with a perspective employer you ought to have a trusted person evaluate it and provide feedback. Be sure to use spellcheck to check out grammatical errors etc. Remember you just get one opportunity to make an incredible first impression.

Resume Writing Made Affordable

Many professionals elect to write their resumes sufficient reason for tremendous results. But if you sense the need to utilize a professional service be aware that these companies and professionals fees range in price from $300-$1500 in accordance with the required technical copywriting skills. In other words if you might be applying for an IT or Medical position you should want a resume writer to be able level of experience to post impactful copy or content on the behalf.

Growing Importance of Data Science


Throughout the time, data science is now an essential component of many sectors of land management, commerce sectors, threat control, fraud, business analytics and several other areas. It solves many issues within a given field with the aid of data analysis and interpretation of numerous kinds of knowledge. It focuses on the utilization of particular statistical methodologies that happen to be applied in a similar manner regardless of the field.


Because the fields using data science are continuously increasing, the need for data science can also be increasing in an accelerated rate. It can help to pinpoint trends making recommendations that can affect selection and business performance while guaranteeing the ideal solutions. Data scientists should come up with a number of solutions to manage the challenges presented across the many various fields.

All to all, data scientists include the future of the approaching generation. Businesses now realize exactly what a gold mine of info is present within their data and so are pursuing data science professionals gain access to that information. This increased exposure of data science continue for the near future.

With digital technology for instance mobile phones and laptops for important part of the education process, it will also help more and more students learn and grow their skills. It can be the real key to lucrative, fulfilling professions for your next generation.


A data scientist’s main role should be to inspect considerable amounts of data using software basically designed for your work. The final results of your data scientist’s analysis really should be understandable and simple enough for all you organizations make use of. The way of data analysis for just a data scientist will depend on the organization as well as its specific needs. Departments ought to communicate for the data scientist what clients meet so that the data scientist can determine the best way of solving the challenge. According to stats and surveys, occupations for data scientists have raised by 75%.


We are living in a whole world of Big Data during which everything is recorded. Subsequently, professions such as this are mostly used in extracting specific values from multiple pieces of info. As the requirement for professionals in the field of knowledge science increases, a growing number of new ideas are now being introduced daily through which put simply to obtain and store data. It is related to your computer application field that is in great demand currently and will supply a lot of opportunities for your newcomers that are willing to work in the pc field. Because of the large demand by multinational industries for professionals to take care of their data, this industry is proving for being the trendiest, most lucrative field during which to work. It will be to your greatest benefit to keep track of skills and strengthen your command over search engine optimization gainesville to allow you to utilize this trend.

Reap Conversions

For your dynamic online storefront, getting consistent visitors isn’t in any way enough. You need to have some deadlock measures to be sure that visitors tend not to leave without buying anything. Most in the times, retailers online neglect to consider the miscellaneous aspect involved in an eCommerce site besides the products for influencing a customer’s decision. It’s not only the items but about also the assistance associated with the items that motivate online buying decisions. Thus, unlike the brick-and-mortar stores, there’s more than one belief that play the role in consumer behaviour. While the web design, searchability, responsiveness from the CTAs, categories, etc. are a few of them, this post presents some fail-proof methods to arrest visitors and find them converted.

Put yourself inside your visitor’s shoe

To determine what the customers try to find when they arrived at your site, you must think off their point. Typically, these are of two kinds: individual who knows things to buy and also the other group who just look around the site to acquire something in their interest. While it is vital to cater to both groups’ expectations, you can do so by making your internet site’s search feature extremely powerful (for that former group to locate what they need) and keeping navigation uber simple (to the latter group to discover something appropriate).

Present an original personality for the website

While it wouldn’t be literally simple for retailers to create personalities to the websites, it needs to be designed and given elements that well refers to the brand identity. That is, you need to ensure that every aspect from the site, from logo, names to background colours and fonts, should convey the values and also distinctions you want your products to mention.

Grouping all products together tempts visitors

One solution to lure the visitors connected with an eCommerce site is sorting out all the merchandise together in a single. Visitors do not get the idea from the range of products by seeing your home page or categories page. The only strategy to help them are aware of the sorts of products you could have in one category is actually keeping each product in proximity to one another. Grouping products also allure the visitors simply because act as mere recommendations explaining what goes well with all the other.

Streamline the acquisition process

If you really tend not to want these potential customers to leave empty-handed then try optimising the complete purchase process, from “Add to Cart” to “Make Payment”. When it is about redirecting the customers can use to final purchase, and then make sure each of the stages simple, seamless and free of any obstacle. As a straightforward approach, you’ll want to have few straightforward stages to let the shoppers add items and get them.

Optimise the speed with the site

By speed, it won’t only mean load speed in the eCommerce site but also the interest rate at which visitors scroll over the internet site. While slower load time can kill your odds of getting visitors, slow speed of site-wide navigation will hurt the likelihood of conversions. So, you should take in the both. Optimising images, sliders and proper servers, or reduced by using tags are a couple of common methods to amplify speed.

Not only these. You have many other effective solutions to curb any chances of visitors leaving your internet site. Mobile responsiveness, testimonials or customer reviews, upgrading photo quality, detailed product descriptions, suggestive products names, are a couple of. These strategies compliment well products offered by the website and provoke targeted traffic to seal their deals instantly.

Trying to Get a Job

As an employer, I interview many people… and much of teens. I hate to convey it, but teens most often have no clue tips on how to interview and find a job! They lay an egg!

This article will address the 3 mistakes most teens make in order that you or your kid can learn the way to get your favorite job.

1. Resume

I would say 8 out of 10 kids go away a resume with misspellings. This is the FASTEST means for the resume to become thrown in the trash!

In addition, most resumes appear to be someone just spit a variety of information to a template thus hitting print. The information isn’t organized and quite often unformatted. The result is a messy-looking resume with misspellings that gets included the trash before you will find a chance to interview.

Here are a couple of keys for any good resume:

Triple check spelling!
Don’t add a target. Rather, write several sentences explaining why you’re different and HOW you would conserve the company.
List the jobs a person has had… and exactly how you impacted the organization rather than only the job. I don’t care that you just were a pizza delivery person. What have you do different that helped this company?
List your education towards the bottom because it’s significantly less important.
Contain your resume to ONE sheet of paper – front side ONLY. Most people do not want to read lots, and multiple pages just makes things difficult.

2. Follow-up

OK, let’s imagine you submitted a fantastic resume… this is the least of one’s worries now. Many companies won’t call you.

I don’t call anyone back. Why? Because I want to check if they’ll take the initiative and call me. I want to determine they’re a go-getter and willing to get persistent.

Most people never call back!

The call-back is very easy. All you have to do is find out if they received your resume. When they say yes, simply say “Great! Well I’d want to set up a moment to interview.”

Maybe they’re actively trying to find employees in order that they will build an interview. Maybe they need resumes because they really want to have many people ready to call IN CASE they want someone. In that case they may tell you they aren’t hiring.

Ask to interview anyway. Tell them you comprehend, nevertheless, you want to meet them so they really know what you do in case they require someone.

If someone called me and declared that… I might even hire them and replace certainly one of my employees that wasn’t conducting a good job. That kind of call shows initiative and demonstrates which you would be a terrific worker.

3. Dress & Presentation

So now you have an interview… big issue. Most kids blow their chances given that they dress terrible – They wear a tank-top, shorts, and new sandals to the job interview.

Even though that has to be standard clothing for almost all teens, it makes a bad first impression. As an employer, the world thinks, “Oh no, this kid is unprofessional. They’re that’s doubtful a good fit.”

You just made an incredible phone impression, which means you need to reinforce that with a superb visual impression. Make sure you wear a collared shirt, either slacks or khakis, and a few nice shoes. Women should wear a similar thing or a nice dress which is not too short.

his set you besides the other kids applying, as well as leave an excellent impression with all the employer… HELLO JOB!

In addition to dressing well… try to remember to sit tall and speak well. Make eye contact and respond to your questions confidently.

When you slouch, chomp gum, or shop around, celebrate you look dumb and unqualified.