My Son Got Me a New Bluetooth Device

When my son told me that I needed a Bluetooth transmitter for my old CD player, he may as well have been speaking a foreign language. I have heard of Bluetooth before, but I was absolutely clueless on what it was. He teased me a bit about it because I have the latest mobile phone, and my laptop computer is just a few months old too. Just because I stay current with the newest technologies does not mean I understand all the lingo and pieces of equipment that are associated with them too.

He told me that Bluetooth is just a device that uses radio waves instead of wires. I do understand the wire bit because I have my headphones plugged in quite often when I am listening to music as I work. He told me that I would be able to go wireless if I just used a Bluetooth device. That would essentially take out the need for wires, which would mean I could move around more freely. Now that I understood a bit more about what he was talking about, I still did not know which one to get. I asked him if he would just look at the ones available and pick out the best one for me since that is what he did for me when he got my phone and laptop.

He looked at quite a few different Bluetooth devices, and he told me that the Avantree Oasis Long Range receiver was the best option for me. He chose this one for me because of the versatility of it. I mostly play music when I am working, and this will allow me to stream it from my laptop or my mobile phone, but I can also stream it from my CD player too. This opens up a whole new world of music for me since I have to wear headphones when I listen to it. My son is so smart!

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